Shared Community Marketplace leverages the power of local business for a competitive edge

Think Columbus First and SOLE Coalition is harnessing the power of our community to boost local business.  By leveraging the power of all our local businesses and organizations local independent businesses CAN compete with the big chains.

Now local businesses can offer the convenience of online scheduling and ordering to local customers without the overhead cost.  Customers can order from multiple local businesses with a single checkout process. That means businesses to attract the local customers they need to stay competitive.

All types of local businesses can benefit from restaurants and caterers to retail and service businesses.

B2B businesses can generate leads and set appointments. Local providers can list their  product or service to a database that is searchable by institutional and corporate procurement customers who want to increase their buying from local businesses.

Are you a local independently owned business? Learn more, download our package on Shared Mall, then visit Shared Community Marketplace to get started with your basic free listing.  After you sign up contact us at Think Columbus First to make sure you are placed under our community and get full promotional benefits of our coalition.

Shared Mall Package cover

Shared Community Marketplace Package 2013


Get started with your basic free listing





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Support Our Local Economy CoalitionThink Columbus First is an initiative of: the Support Our Local Economy (SOLE) Coalition

Join and Save on local businesses in your neighborhood. >>
Order your SBB Card.

Reasons To Love Your Local Small Businesses:
  1. Supportive communities attract entrepreneurs who create local jobs
  2. They hire local people who know you & your unique needs
  3. They help give our communities personality and fun
  4. A 10% Shift from chain to local will create 5000 new jobs in Franklin County

Think Local

  • Consider adding more efficiency to your home or business. Visit Wattworks for indoor and outdoor LED lighting, IR heaters, solar power systems and more.
  • City Folks Farm Shop urban homesteading supplies in Columbus Central Ohio homesteaders and urban farmers can find supplies, classes and resources.
  • Shopping at Easton Town Center can be a local experience, when you visit Celebrate Local. The store features handmade and artisanal products from all over Ohio.

Where did you spend your $2 bill?

spend me local Have you seen one of our $2 bills? Did you get it as change from a local merchant? If so, pass it on to a friend or spend it at local independent business. Spread the word, contact us to get some $2 bills.